One of the best learning experience for an emerging UX Writer

[This article is based on my personal experience as a CX (Content Experience) intern and may not be the same for others. Views are my own]

Writing is design posters in Studio H, Microsoft Headquarters

When I became an English major in my sophomore of college, I would never imagine a day working at a “Big 5” tech company. I simply studied English out of my pure love for literature and even aspired to be a professor at my university.

I’ve always been curious about tech through sci-fi novels, and I love the problem-solving skills in the design thinking process. When I stumbled on an article about UX Writing

A red wall with a graffiti of the G in Google
A red wall with a graffiti of the G in Google
Photo by Larry Costales on Unsplash

Algorithms make important decisions for people every day, from choosing a place to eat to deciding who gets the job. However, algorithms based on biased data can do more damage than good — they can discriminate against people from vulnerable communities.

In 2015, an African American programmer found that Google’s facial recognition software labeled him and his friend, who is also black, as “gorillas.” During Obama’s presidency, Google Map searches with the n-word led to the White House in the D.C. area.

Achieving a career milestone that I didn’t think was possible

Me at the Microsoft Headquarters

I was in high school when I told my mom I wanted to study literature. She didn’t believe me at first because she thought this was something I would get over with.

Sorry mom, it wasn’t just a teenage dream. Two years later, I was accepted to study English at the University of Washington and also in the department’s study abroad program.

“Are you sure you can study English?” my mom asked, doubting my ability to study English as a Vietnamese international student. …

How the Leadership Team at Microsoft is creating an inclusive culture to women

Photos of the panels at the event
Photos of the panels at the event
Panelists at the Women’s Symposium event 2019

[This article is also featured on LinkedIn]

Every year, the Women’s Symposium is a highly anticipated event for Microsoft interns. When I received my invite for this year’s event, I marked it boldly on my calendar and blocked meetings 30 minutes prior to the start time. Rumor had it, Amy Hood and other Microsoft A-lists were going to be there.

When the day came, I arrived 15 minutes before doors opened; despite arriving at what I thought was early, hundreds of interns had already lined up by the entrance ready to grab the front seats. The excitement from the crowd…

Anh Nguyen

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