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  • Manaal Oomerbhoy

    Manaal Oomerbhoy

  • Trisha Hoy

    Trisha Hoy

  • Fernando Mateos-Gonzalez

    Fernando Mateos-Gonzalez

    Nomadic biologist * Mercenary Scientist * Expedition leader * PhD in Animal Behaviour * Living a #wildlife!

  • Akumbu Uche

    Akumbu Uche

    Global citizen/Nigerian writer. Francophile/Anglophone. Creative soul/Professional human being.

  • Rizalhanafi Yusof

    Rizalhanafi Yusof

  • Sherief Razzaque

    Sherief Razzaque

    Content Strategist + UX Writer @facebook UK (PRO EMEA). Former Head of Content@ Infobip, Samsung Australia & Freelancer_com. Ex-ebay PayPal + Airtasker

  • Amanda Chloe

    Amanda Chloe

    Fascinated by stories | Expresses inner voices and musings | Lover of memes | Dogmum

  • Aleenah Ansari

    Aleenah Ansari

    Writer at Microsoft | Human Centered Design and Engineering Alumna | Lifting as I climb | www.aleenahansari.com

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